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Analogue Productions
Analogue Productions
Analogue Productions and its various offshoots fall under the umbrella of Acoustic Sounds, Inc., the world's largest supplier of audiophile recordings. Analogue Productions was begun in 1991 as a reissue label, a vehicle for owner Chad Kassem to license his favorite all-time recordings and re-release them as remastered and in a superior format to the original, be it better quality vinyl or Gold CD or Super Audio CD. Since its inception, Analogue Productions has reissued more than 300 titles, ranging from classical to folk, pop, rock, blues and jazz.

Included in the many highlights of Analogue Productions' history are the Fantasy 45 Jazz Reissues and the Blue Note Reissues, two wildly popular LP series comprising some of the greatest jazz ever committed to tape. Not only were the titles to these series cherry-picked from hundreds of potential recordings, but these series marked an important transition in audiophile vinyl. Before the Fantasy 45 Series, 33 1/3 LPs were the standard for vinyl reissues. There were very few 12" 45-RPM reissues available. Analogue Productions very quickly led the charge towards informing the audiophile market that all things being equal, 45s sounded vastly superior to 33s. The proof has been repeated over and over and the press and customer testimony is ample to persuade even the ardent non-believers.
Another facet of Analogue Productions is its original recordings entity - APO Records. APO, which stands for "Analogue Productions Originals," features a roster of musicians that center around blues legends like the late Henry Townsend (the only musician to have recorded in every decade from the 1920s through the 2000s), Jimmy Rogers (who introduced a young Muddy Waters to the Chicago scene in the 1940s and helped form the first and most-classic Muddy Waters Band), Jimmie Lee Robinson (known as the Lonely Traveler and a man who backed stars like Little Walter, Elmore James and Howlin' Wolf before achieving recording success on his own) and Honeyboy Edwards (one of the last living links to Robert Johnson and the rich delta-style blues that Johnson made famous). From there, APO has included a few up-and-comers like Jimmy D. Lane (Jimmy Rogers' son and a mean, high-voltage electric blues guitarist), Harry "Big Daddy" Hypolite (a blues and zydeco guitarist who backed Clifton Chenier and C.J. Chenier for years before breaking out on his own) and Noah Wotherspoon and Marquise Knox, two young virtuosos whose styles pay significant homage to the older blues masters). APO also offers a few non-blues albums by folk/Americana singer Nancy Bryan and jazz singer Myra Taylor.
True to its name, Analogue Productions - and APO Records - works exclusively with analog tape. All of the reissues from this label are mastered from the original analog tapes. And the same goes with the original titles on APO, all are recorded to analog tape. It's our belief that analog sounds far superior - richer, warmer, more life-like - than digital. We hope you'll enjoy our diverse line of offerings.